• Hi,
    thanks for this nice app. I just started to use DAVx5 and was wondering about the WIFI only and restriction part.
    If I wanna use WIFI only and limit it to a specific SSID it is simple and straight forward.
    But what if I like to use all Networks (4G, 3G and WIFI) but still like to restrict WIFI to a specific SSID?

  • developer


    At the moment, this is not possible. The current idea is that restricting to WiFi is designed for

    • when you have a small mobile data limit and don’t want to use it for synchronizing, or
    • if you only want to synchronize in a specific WiFi, for instance because you have a server at home.

  • Thanks a lot for the explanation.

    Would be a nice feature though, just in case somebody is not comfortable to have his information synchronized while the phone is connected to a public WIFI for instance or any other WIFI environment where it is better not to synchronize those kind of data even they are encrypted.

  • @MiCado I would say in this case you don’t want to access a lot more private servers with public Wi-Fi connected, so it’s not enough to get this feature only with DAVx5. Maybe use some VPN or other apps that can control your data traffic locally?

  • I agree. With DS-Lite though it is not as easy as it was in the past to get a nice VPN to your home network.
    Thanks anyway. Maybe I get VPN to work someday.

  • I have a similar use case. I have restricted the sync to specific SSIDs, any chance it is possible to add an active VPN connection as a second criteria? I.e. Either VPN or specific SSID is sufficient to allow sync.

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