• I kinda liked the old 2.4 setup, where I’ve seen all carddav/caldav/webcal related info in one view.
    The new, 2.5, UI where this is hidden in different tabs feels like a step backwards. Now I have to tap up to three times to get the same information.
    I also miss the visual clue (the contacts and event icon). Less tech-savvy people probably don’t know what carddav and caldav means.

  • admin

    Thanks for your feedback, however we knew that this one would pop up (it’s obvious) 😉 The reason behind the change of the UI was that were facing a lot of different use cases lately: from users with only a few resources to users with a huge number of calendars and address books. Big lists were not performing well and sometimes it was impossible to scroll through a big list and selections were very laggy. Therefore we needed a more performant way with the newly introduced RecyclerView (together with the also newly introduced Room database this is very useful) which can only be used in a separate tab for full performance (it needs to handle scrolling and can’t be nested within another scrollable container). Also imagine someone having a large number of address books (it already happens with 6 or more address books). People needed to scroll down very long or some people didn’t even know that there was a second section for CalDAV calendars and WebCal (they didn’t see it and didn’t know it was there). The titles did not change anyway - it was named CalDAV and CardDAV in earlier versions. We will maybe also use the additional space for more information in a second line under the title of a resource. I hope that clarifies some of our decisions!

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