• developer

    Anyone still here?

  • yes, just reading, i think my problem is another one, i will check next weekend if my problem is solved.

  • developer

    Ok 🙂

  • I just had the chance to check my phone again with my BWM 523i, my problem still exists. I basicly get the same logs as provided above. What does Card-Dav different for getting it working? Do i need to change something?


    I am using davdroid to sync my owncloud contacts to my devices. After reading blapps post i assigned all owncloud contacts to a group i called “owncloud” (in the owncloud webinterface). Now my BWM see all my Synced Contacts.

  • developer

    OK, so assigning all contacts that shall be synced to a group solves the problem? If that’s the case, I’d close the issue and put this info into the FAQ.

  • In my case, they need to be assigned a group that is not the default group. That did the trick, BUT i am kinda sure, i did that when i originally posted, and that didnt solve the problem than. So maybe its something that was changed in Davdroid, or in Owncloud.


  • In my car, contacts are displayed via blue tooth again now. I updated to Android to v5.1.1 but I’m not sure if this was the cause to make it work again.

  • admin

    thanks for the update. so you can access your davdroid contacts now in your car via bluetooth?

  • Yes, everything works fine now, also the davdroid contacts!

  • Hello,

    i have this problem with actually (DAVdroid .

    I have this problem with the Motorola Moto G and a Ford car radio .

    With the old firmware (Android 4.4) and CardDAV-Sync ist works, i could use the adressbook with the car radio.
    After the update (Android 5.02) i switched to davdroid and now it don’t work. I could not use the adressbook with the car radio.
    All other is working (connection handy <> car radio par examle with the outgoing an incoming calls…)

    What can i do? What can i check?

    Best regards


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