Nextcloud 500 internal server error on recurring (Mo,We,Fr) events

  • Hello! I’ve begun getting the same issue near 20 days ago. The same android and DavX. But my server is my own nextcloud. So I can give you logs from it:

    cesException","Message":"This recurrence rule does not generate any valid instances","Code":0,"Trace":[{"file":"\/var\/www\/\/htdocs-secure\/t\/apps\/

    If you need full log message (it shows ics content), please tell me how to send it to you privately.

    I have not updated nextcloud or change anything on the server in the near past.

  • admin

    Which calendar app do you use?

  • @devvv4ever said in HTTP 500 Internal Error:

    Which calendar app do you use?

    But seems that I’ve resolved issue by myself. The problem was with recurring event which was incompatible with nextcloud. I created it using aCalendar to repeat weekly on Mon, Wed and Friday, but nextcloud seems to support weekly repeating only on one day a week. So I have to remove my event (to be honest I had to remove whole account from DavX to stop the errors), then readd an account then create three recurring events: one for Monday, one for Wednesday, one for Friday.

  • developer

    @iprok said in HTTP 500 Internal Error:

    (to be honest I had to remove whole account from DavX to stop the errors)

    It should be enough to delete the event. If you really need to delete the whole local calendar for some reason, you can deselect the calendar in the DAVx⁵ account, then force sync, then select it again and force sync again 🙂

  • developer

    Also, Nextcloud should support recurring events on multiple days. Maybe you can verify this and report it to Nextcloud?

  • @rfc2822 Afaik Nextcloud allows to store all kind of recurring events in the database, but lacks of a fully featured event editor. Currently I found these issue tickets related to the editing of recurring events:

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