DAVx⁵ 2.5 Release Notes

  • developer

    Version 2.5



  • developer

    Version 2.5.1

    • Webcal subscriptions: handle webcal(s):// URLs and treat them as http(s)://
    • don’t use HTTP/2 with client certificates
    • minor bug fixes and improvements; new translations

    OSE/standard build only (i.e. not the ones for Google Play):

    • show unhandled exceptions with DebugInfoActivity¹

    ¹ automatically handled by Google Play

  • developer

    Version 2.5.2

    • debug info: show details of UnknownHostExceptions instead of an empty string
    • CalDAV:
      • fix problems with events with VTIMEZONE with DAYLIGHT, but without STANDARD definition (events were always stored at 23:00 of previous day)
      • fix (potential) threading problem

  • developer

    Version 2.5.3

    • re-enable HTTP/2 again (was disabled in 2.5.1 by mistake)
    • create collections:
      • show display name of home sets
      • honor bind privilege: show only writeable home sets
      • enable sync of created collections by default
    • minor library updates


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