Help! Looks like rebooting Android into safe mode has triggered DAVx⁵ to delete all my contacts and calendar entries

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    Sounds like a problem with your Contacts and Calendars storage, maybe related to the safe boot. The good news: DAVx5 never deletes entries on the remote server unless they have explicitly been set to DELETED on your device.

    In your posting, I couldn’t find whether the data are still on your server? They should be.

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    I have just booted to safe mode on my device. In safe modes, no 3rd-party apps like DAVx5 are loaded, so there’s no DAVx5 account, so the system will remove all contacts and calendars.

    Then, after a normal boot, everything was gone, but after a forced sync in DAVx5, everything is downloaded from the server again and now available.

  • Hello Mr SMTP, thanks for writing back so promptly ^_^

    That’s not good news! And the server is offline and three weeks out of date. I don’t want to sync with that in case it overwrites my data with either a. old stuff, or b. nothing!

    So the DAVx⁵ app itself doesn’t store or cache anything?

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    Hello Mr SMTP, thanks for writing back so promptly ^_^

    If – then Mrs SMTP at least 😛

  • @devvv4ever oops!

  • developer

    @pa No, DAVx⁵ doesn’t cache anything. It’s just a bridge between the Contact/Calendar store and the *DAV server, see the illustration on

    I recommend to make a server backup and then sync with the server. The three weeks of changes are probably lost, if they have never been synced. 😕 (And I don’t know what DAVx⁵ could do against that – maybe a notification “Your account hasn’t been synced for a while” after a week or so…)

  • @rfc2822 dammit. Thanks. I guess I should magically have known that Android resets all the providers when booting into safe mode. There could have been a warning though, or an option!

    Anyone here with any skills extracting residual data from Calendar Storage and Contacts Storage

  • developer

    @pa The storages write to SQLite databases (/data/data/ and a similar one for contacts), which are accessible when the device is rooted. Maybe there’s some kind of journal… good luck! 🍀

    I will add an FAQ entry about safe mode and that it removes all local DAVx⁵ entries.

  • developer

  • Thanks, I’ll look into those, and thanks for the luck, looks like I’ll need it!

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