additional permissions required and no tasks sync

  • Hello,

    I’m trying to get davx working on my device.
    But I face two problems.

    1. davx ask me every time it synchronize for additional permissions.
      I grant calendar, addressbook and GPS but it is still asking for something else.Which permissions could it be and how to grant it?

    2. My tasks are not synchronized, calendar and addressbook are synchronized only the tasks are not. They are enabled in the davx configuration.

    I could enable the davx logfiles but I couldn’t find them on my phone and also if I want to forward it, it failed (no file)

    My server is a eGroupware and it works with other caldav/carddav apps. So the server works fine.

    How can I fix the problems, any suggestions?


  • admin


    maybe you could install Open Tasks and grant the missing permission then. However normally it should also work without this permission, and it should not complain.

  • I’m using open tasks and it didn’t show me any task’s
    It ask me for permissions although it has all permissions.

  • admin

    Then someting must be corrupt. Try to reinstall both apps again. First install Open Tasks and then DAVx⁵. Maybe this helps!

  • After the reinstalltion of open task davx asks me for the permission to read the taks.
    Now it works.

    Thanks for that…

    Last question, how can I change the color of the task accounts?
    In the past I could do it in the caldav app, but now everything is only green.

  • admin


    I think you could change it if you change the color in the web interface, then refresh the calendars in DAVx⁵ and it should be refreshed also in the Tasks app after the next sync.

  • No, in the eGroupware I could change the color of a category but not of a infolog.
    In the past I could do it in the caldav Programm (also for the cards part)
    Open Task have also no option to change the color.
    So this could be a feature request for davx5

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