• When I create a contact on the phone and sync it to an owncloud account and from there to the Mac OS X Address Book everything is ok. The contact is shown in Address Book.

    However, after editing it on the phone and syncing it again to owncloud and OS X the changes do not arrive in the Address Book of OS X. Sync from the phone to owncloud is ok. The change is visible there.

    In OS X the console window shows the following 2 errors every time I try to force the sync (by relaunching Address Book):

    23.11.13 14:30:47.028 Address Book: [CardDAVPlugin-ERROR] CardInfoFromVCardData(): Ignored vCard at /remote.php/carddav/addressbooks/sugus/contacts/26b2a00d-64ad-4a8b-8d38-cb92d4ae09f0.vcf because it is an unsupported vCard version: "BEGIN:VCARD
    FN:Eusebius Waldvogel
    TEL;TYPE=cell:+99 999 99 99

    23.11.13 14:30:47.028 Address Book: [CardDAVPlugin-ERROR] -_handleAddsOrModifies: could not parse vCard in /remote.php/carddav/addressbooks/sugus/contacts/

    The interesting thing is: If I paste the above vCard text into a new text file and save it as whatever.vcf, then I can import it manually into Address Book. So it looks for me as if OS X is supporting vCards in 4.0 format.

    Any ideas why the direct sync doesn’t work?

    Thanks for any feedback.

  • developer

    Probably only the contact editor supports VCard 4 and imports the VCard 4 .vcf into the address book. This is not related to what the DAV server understands which seems to support only VCard 3 (as required by the CardDAV RFC). For further info, please see issue #67.

  • Thanks for the quick answer!

    Not sure if I understand everything as you said it:

    • “DAV server”: Do you mean owncloud or the CardDAV-Plugin in OS X?

    • If I understand the rest correctly then it could help to use a contact editor on the phone that does create a vCard in version 3.0 format. Correct?

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