Nextcloud: Can't see shared contacts

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the job done on this very important software! I have read docs and many posts but I can’t understand if this is a DAVx5 issue or not.

    I own a Nextcloud 15 server with two users, UserA and UserB. Each user shares his contacts to the other user (read/write). Each user uses DAVx5 on his Android phone (LineageOS 14.1).

    UserA does not see UserB contacts, while UserB sees UserA contacts. There is no visible error, it is just that the “share” is not seen. If I remember well, DAVx5 on UserA’s phone was configured before UserB shared his contacts, while DAVx5 on UserB’s phone was configured after UserA shared his contacts.

    Is it expected that DAVx5 does not detect shared contacts?

    If yes:

    • how should I do so that it detects shared contacts?
    • could this be written in the FAQ, the manual, or in the Nextcloud specific information?

    I no, could you guide me so that I can provide useful information to you or Nextcloud?

    Best regard,

  • developer


    Did you refresh the CardDAV collection list on user A’s device?

  • Thanks for your answer and for the hint: it confirms that the issue is here. The problem is that I can not find a button to refresh the collection list… And I have searched a long time! Here are the only actions I could find in the Android account settings of “DAVx5” and “DAVx5 address book”:

    • synchronize now
    • delete account
    • disable sync

    Maybe my Android version misses this button? Or more likely I become blind…

  • developer

    It should appear when you tap on ☰ next to the word “CardDAV” in the account activity.

  • I checked and recheck and re-recheck but could not find this option… I ended up deleting my carddav account and recreating it in DAVx5 and the new collection was found.

    Thanks for your help! Regards,

  • This screenshot may help you to find the function:


  • Thanks for the screenshot. I was looking in the wrong place (system settings -> accounts). However, I really think that I had tried this button, with no effect (but I can’t test this anymore), so forget it.

    Anyway, the current label in French does not have exactly the same meaning:

    • In this screenshot it is “adressbücher neu erkennen” which I suppose could be translated by “discover new address books” (it is a guess based on what I found in online translators)
    • in French it is “Actualiser le carnet d’adresses” which would be literally translated by “update address book”.

    I am using DAVx5 So I joined Transifex to check the translations, and indeed, the German translation has the good meaning. I just updated the French translation to fix this issue (strings 103 and 105):

    • Refresh address book list -> Actualiser la liste des carnets d’adresses
    • Refresh calendar list -> Actualiser la liste des calendriers


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