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    Version 2.4

    • completely rewrite UI architecture (use ViewModel instead of Loaders)
      • improve robustness and responsiveness, especially when there are a lot of collections
    • improve UI to make it more Material (for instance, use progress bars instead of deprecated progress dialogs)
    • improve read-only contact behavior (contacts from read-only address books are now marked as read-only; in most Contact apps, you can still edit those contacts, but the changes will not persist)
    • notify on invalid events, too (since 2.3, invalid tasks/vCards cause notifications)
    • library and translation updates
    • other improvements and bug fixes

    Screenshot_1553869462.png Screenshot_1553869464.png Screenshot_1553869478.png Screenshot_1553869488.png

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    📢 Hotfix: AccountActivity: avoid endless loop of asking for permissions; version bump to


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