Wrongly displayed events because of GMT timezone (GMT handled badly?)

  • On my device (CM10.2 / Android 4.3) DAVdroid is not correctly checking GMT time, I’m in a -03:00 time zone and if I create with another software a new event on the server then it is displayed 3 hours BEFORE on android device.

    If I create ANY new event on Android Calendar, it is WELL created (the start time and end time) on the server, and it is correctly displayed on Android Calendar, but for a couple of seconds, because when the two-way Sync is run, then the events seem to be re-parsed, and… for example in my timezone, if I create an event using Android Calendar at 10AM, a couple of seconds later I see it moved from 10AM to 7AM (it automatically moves, it’s funny! But annoying…)

    I think this is a bug.

  • developer

    When DAVdroid pushes an event to the server, it then receives the event again and writes the received event to the calendar. I think that is this “re-parsing”. So, it seems that the time zone information is lost either on the way to the server or on the way back to DAVdroid. Which server do you use?

  • I haven’t thought it that way, “GMT lost one way or maybe lost in the reverse way”.

    Tine 2.0, mainstream release. October 2013. (SabreDAV 1.8.6)


    • the Android ActiveSync stuff worked like a charm for months now with Tine 2.0
    • I also downloaded ANOTHER CalDAV adapter, “CalDAV Sync Adapter”, also buggy, with with another set of bugs (interesting!) which are different than the 2 bugs I already reported on this Issue Tracker.

    One more thing: I think DAVdroid works best than the other adapter with “auto-syncing”, that is I think when the server modifies then DAVdroid shows changes in device, or when a new event is created on the device, a couple of seconds later I see it in the server.

  • developer

    Can you provide a test account for me and send it to play@bitfire.at? Then I could try the timezone thing for myself and maybe find the reason for the problem or even a solution.

  • OK, I’ll create one for you. When it’s ready I’ll send you an email. Setting that up would take time, I’ll let you know later.

  • developer

    It this issue still present? Did you send an email? Didn’t get anyone but maybe I have missed it.

  • Hello! Sorry for my delay!

    Sorry, I didn’t send you an email.

    I was really busy for some weeks, and also I bricked my tablet (it is fixable) but I didn’t have time for trying the server stuff nor trying again DavDroid on my device.

    Starting today, now I have a couple of weeks for helping/testing, so I will send you a private email today.

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