DAVx5 automatically deleting calendar entries?

  • Hi developers, please see below:

    • what your actual problem is - Calendar entries are being automatically deleted
    • STEPS TO REPRODUCE THE PROBLEM (if we can’t reproduce a problem, - Create a calendar entry and wait a few hours. It will be automatically deleted without user intervention
    • debug info (DAVx⁵ / Settings / Debug info / Send) - Sent via email
    • which service / server software and version - DAVx5 v.2.3-gplay (272) & Nextcloud 15 running on Debian
    • why you think this is a DAVx⁵ problem and what you already have
      tried to solve it (e.g. Android settings) - Initially I thought it was the calendar app, ditched simple calendar entirely for DigiApp and issue still persisted. The nature of the issue cannot be resolved in Android settings
    • whether you have already asked your server/service support and what
      they have said - I support my own server and iOS users don’t have this issue as they are native with CalDAV, however the use of your app have shown issues. It is duplicating entries and now deleting calendar entries automatically without user intervention. Please assist, I paid for this app hoping it would work fine. It is serving a production environment and has already caused business disruption and confusion due to these issues. Please help

    Thanks for your support

  • developer


    I can’t reproduce the problem. I’m using DAVx⁵ + Nextcloud 15 every day and I dont have these problems, nor are there other reports about such problems at the moment.

    Please provide exact steps to reproduce so that I can have a look. Without being able to reproduce a problem, I can’t say anything about it. Also, please provide Web server and CalDAV/CardDAV server logs taken while the problem occurs, DAVx⁵ debug info (DAVx⁵ / Settings / Debug info) and verbose DAVx⁵ logs etc as described in [READ BEFORE POSTING] What’s required to diagnose a problem.


  • @devvv4ever provided q great troubleshooting suggestion for this and another issue under this post:


    We followed the suggestions provided and looks like that did the trick.

    Thanks a lot

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