Editing an event in Android Calendar

  • Start time and end time don’t get updated on the server after sync, but remains updated on the device.

    I would like to see some reply on this. Thanks!

  • developer

    Thanks for your bug report, but… how shall I know what’s going on?

    Please provide more information:

    1. Which version of DAVdroid do you use? Have you tried deleting and creating the account again?
    2. Which server software and which version do you use?
    3. Does it work with other clients?
    4. Can you provide logcat and/or server log output?

    1. 0.4.1-alpha, F-Droid build. Yes, I’ve done that. I also uninstalled DAVdroid, downloaded again, reinstalled and retried.
    2. Tine2.0, latest, release not beta nor alpha. (WORKS VERY NICE WITH ACTIVESYNC, 100% TESTED FOR MONTHS NOW). Actual version: Mainstream release from October 2013

    If my (1) and (2) tell you something, maybe you have an answer, if it tells you nothing, then I will go and try your questions (3) and (4).
    3) Don’t know, must test that.
    4) OK, i’ll do that later.


  • developer

    Perhaps the missing DURATION field. Did the problem occur for recurring events?

  • developer

    Is this issue still present?

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