• So this is very exciting - looks like it’s going to be great.

    A few little things:

    1. Are you ok with the 0.3-alpha going on F-Droid so people can test it, or do you not think it’s ready for that yet?
    2. The web site doesn’t give any method of donating except Google Play, which is not very helpful for many people. (PayPal and Flattr would both be good, at least)
    3. Typo on the ‘More’ page of the web site - “Detailled”
  • developer

    1. Hello, I think it’s not ready for Fdroid yet but it will soon be. Also, it’s some work to create the Fdroid build files and I didn’t find time for that yet. However I intend to put the app onto Fdroid as soon as it’s ready. Some tests need to be done yet.

    2. Thanks for the hint. The Web site is not ready yet but we will surely add donation buttons.

    3. Done, thanks

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