calendar entries get status tentative not confirmed

  • Hello,

    I am running a nextcloud 15.0.5 on a shared web host with different calendars, some also shared calendars.
    Connected are several thunderbird lightning and several Android smartphones with DAVx5 and Business Calendar 2.
    Creating calendar entries with thunderbird are always with status confirmed. Creating calendar entries on the Android smartphones are often only tentative not confirmed entries. I tried to find steps to reproduce, but it is hard to find them. My sneaking suspicion is, that it is related to the shared calendars.

    Try following steps to reproduce the error:

    1. Create a shared calendar.
    2. Configure this shared calendar in DAVx5.
    3. Create a calendar entry on Android device and sync calendars.
    4. Check status of entry in nextcloud. Status should be confirmed and not tentative.
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  • Sounds like a problem of your calendar app. Did you try aCalendar?

    Thanks for your reply.
    Yes, you are right, it seems to be a problem from my calendar app.
    I checked all the linked articles and it seems that it is the same problem as in.

    After your reply i made a few tests and I have to correct my steps to reproduce in my previous posting.

    1. Create an event with thunderbird lightning. This event will be created without a status.
    2. Sync with DAVx5.
    3. Modify the event on your android device with business calendar 2 or the stock calendar app from google.
    4. Sync again with DAVx5.
    5. The event changes to tentative.

    I will open a bug report at business calendar 2.

  • Hi,
    i have the same problem here.
    Any news?
    Thank you for information!

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