• Hi
    I’m running owncloud, calendar 1.6.1
    I already share my agendas with 2 thunderbird and 1 android phone with davdroid that I bought.
    Now I get the message "no access possible to Caldav or Carddav on Davx5 installed for free from f-droid.
    I customized connexion with “URL and user name”. Url is “https://www…/remote.php/dav/userid”
    Userid is “userid”, password is my password connexion to owncloud.
    I read a comment on play store saying that davx5/davdroid is not working with owncloud. Any idea ?

  • developer

    @gilles DAVx⁵ is known to work with Owncloud very well. Did you have a look at https://www.davx5.com/tested-with/owncloud?

    If this does not help, can you post the logs of the detection?

  • Everything is working perfectly now. The address you get to give DAVX is this : “https://www/folder whereowncloud is located/remote.php/dav/calendars/userid/calendar name/”
    Now, you get to synchronize the name of the account in order to make the related calendar app display the calendar.

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