Add option to disable synchronization of contact photos (and notes)

  • I would very much appreciate an option to disable the synchronization of contact photos (and notes).

    Especially in a setting with shared address books, the synchronization of contact photos is usually not intended.
    Imagine a setting with serveral users that have write access to a shared address book. Every time someone updates a contact photo, the new photo is synchronized and all other users lose “their” contact photos.
    For addresses, phone numbers, etc. this behavior is intended, since there is only one correct work/home address, work/home number, cellphone number, etc. at a time. For contact photos (and notes), this is not necessarily true.

    There may be situations where one “official” photo should be synced to all devices, but usually, each user would like to have his or her own style of contact photo (some people use profile pictures of social network apps, some use emoticons or cliparts, some modified/colorized photos matching their phone’s color theme, some use plain photos they took themselves, etc.). The same is true for notes, which may contain very different information that may or may not be suitable for sharing among all users of a shared address book.

    More reasons:

    • contact photos take up lots of space and cause lots of traffic (one photo is often larger than an entire address book)
    • potential privacy leak in situations with shared calendars
    • some (char or social network) apps add contact photos without user consent, making it very difficult to avoid syncing photos to the CardDAV server

    P.S.: A bonus would be to add a third option:

    1. sync on
    2. sync off
    3. sync only one way (server->phone) and only for contacts that don’t have a “local” photo/“local” notes
  • admin

    Thank you for your suggestion and insights – we will discuss this!

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