Trying to build source but all I get is previous version...

  • Hello,

    I’m trying to build the apk from source, but after it finalizes the apk, all I get is v2.2.3.1 and not the current version, v2.3
    Any ideas??

  • admin

    It’s wrong atm, but the compiled apk is the 2.3 version. so you have the latest version.

  • But when I install it, when I go to about inside davx5, it still says (267). The compiled date is yesterday. What you mean by atm ?

  • admin

    atm = at the moment. we’ve not updated the version code, but the actual compiled apk reflects the source of version 2.3.

  • developer

    I have updated the v2.3-ose tag so that it contains the commit with the version bump.

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