New NextCloud install, former CardDAV address book not synchronizing

  • I had the CardDAV addressbook set up with DavDroid and working.
    I had to reinstall my NextCloud server because the update to NC15 didn’t work out.
    Accounts are set up again but neither DavDroid nor the update to DAVx5 do sync the contacts.
    I’m afraid that it could sync the NC contacts (empty) to the phone and delete them.
    This happened to my calendars already 👎

  • developer

    Is there anything we can do for you?

  • Sorry for not being clear enough.
    I would like to sync the existing CardDAV contacts to the NC server.
    It’s been set up and running with NC14 but it won’t work with a fresh install of NC15.

  • developer

    @F1r3b4ll I see.

    It should work to export the contacts in your Contacts app. Then import them again into the new DAVx5 account 🙂

  • @rfc2822
    Thanks, that worked!
    I exported all contacts into a vcf.
    Deleted all contacts in the DAVx5 account and reimported from vcf.
    Hopefully nothing got lost, can’t check everything in detail.

    A bit of a long way round but at least it worked.

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