• Using the url https://salamandar.fr/baikal/dav.php (or basically any url, direct addressbook url,…), i got an error (“Aucun accès possible au service CalDAV ou CardDAV” in french).
    By the looks of the logs, Davx5 fails while “trying to determine principal from initial context path=https://salamandar.fr”. I did provide the correct credentials, it connected successfully to Baikal and even got my full name and email… before failing on this weird test.

    EDIT: I manually modified my old config (not the same domain name) to match the new domain name, and it works perfectly. I guess the initial config should not try to access the root of the domain name.

  • developer

    @Salamandar Hello,

    Thanks for your report. Without logs, we can’t say anything about it.

  • I tried to re-do the same process to give you the logs and… It worked !
    My guess is that the fresh Baikal install may have not created a default addressbook, and Davx5 was trying to find it by all means necessary.

  • developer

    Thanks for the update!

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