MyPhoneExplorer can't create contacts since name change to DAVx⁵

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    MyPhoneExplorer not understand unicode symbol in adress book name. I can’t create new contact.

    The decision to use non ANSI characters in the system fields is a terrible decision. it is not known how many programs and systems it will break (I do not exclude that more than half).
    I understand that, formally, this is not your problem, but a problem for all other programs. But this is also a problem for users of these programs, and this means that all users of your program also have these problems.

    Please change the name to DAVx5!!!

  • developer


    Thanks for your suggestion, but we can’t change the name again for several reasons.

    Can you please report this bug to MyPhoneExplorer and maybe provide a reference URL here (in case other MyPhoneExplorer users have this problem, too)? Unicode support is quite standard these days.

    You could also use CardDAV on your desktop PC to edit your contacts and then synchronize with DAVx⁵.

  • May be change name only in ‘address book’ name?

  • developer

    @heX16 That would certainly be possible, if there is no other solution (like fixing the problem where it comes from).

    I’d really appriciate if you could contact the MyPhoneExplorers and tell me what they say? Android account names can easily contain Unicode characters, for instance if you use local language. What if you name an account “Mein schöner Account”? Or “мой аккаунт”? Such names should work with any app, and they’re not related to DAVx⁵.

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