• Hello,
    I’ve been using DAVDroid/DAVx5 for a while on my phone. At some point, synchronization stopped working or deteriorated. I now reinstalled the App from FDroid and recreated my account to confirm that nothing is happening. The debug output I get also doesn’t provide any hints, at least to me:
    Please note that I replaced my account name and a calendar name with <MY ACCOUNT> and <CALENDAR>. While recording the log I restarted DAVx5, forced a synchronization (which was confirmed with the ‘Synchronization started.’ banner, and waited for a while.

    Do you have any hints on what might be going wrong?

  • developer

    Any “privacy guard” or something like that active? “Battery saving” apps? Can you post a screenshot of Android settings / Accounts / DAVx⁵ / <your account>? What happens when you force a synchronization from there? Is the “Last successful sync” entry updated?

  • When reinstalling DAVx5 prompted to be exempt from battery saving which I enabled.

    The privay guard was active, access to some features was already queried and granted, I now enabled full r/w access to both calendar and contacts.

    When I trigger a synchronization from the Settings/Accounts page, nothing happens. Also, there is no ‘Last successful sync’ entry.
    This is the screenshot: Screenshot_20190131-153638.png
    And the updated log file: davx5-log new.txt

  • developer

    Thanks for the screenshot and the logs. Both show that DAVx⁵ is never called, so it can’t synchronize.

    What happens when you press ⋮/ Synchronize now in the same activity as in the screenshot?

    Can you maybe have a look at the adb logs of the system, especially what happens when you force synchronization?

  • When forcing synchronization from Settings/Accounts nothing happens. This is the adb log output. I followed the instructions you linked and at ~00:27 I synced from the DAVx5 App and at ~00:28 I did the same from the Settings/Accounts activity.

  • developer

    Thanks for the logs. I don’t see anything suspicious… do you have firewalls? Maybe a problem like https://forums.bitfire.at/post/10189?

  • I did not explicitly configure any firewall on my phone. Maybe something like that is configured by default? Even then I’m not sure this causes the issue, since in linked issue the firewall only caused DAVx5 to assume lost connectivity. According to the dav-info.txt I posted this is not the case for me:

    CONNECTIVITY (at the moment)
    Active connection: WiFi, CONNECTED
  • developer

    @mightyCelu Then I don’t have any idea why the system doesn’t call DAVx⁵ in your case. What about other apps? For instance, are email accounts synchronized (Android settings / Accounts / Email / look for “Last successful sync” and whether it’s updated when you force synchronization)?

  • Apparently, other accounts also won’t synchronize. I tested with Firefox and Signal (for both I’m not sure what sync should do) and with both nothing happens when pressing ‘Synchronize now’, i.e., there is no visual feedback and the ‘Last successful sync’ timestamp is not updated.

    It looks like this is no DAVx5 issue, do you have any other ideas what I might check to find out whats going wrong, anyway?

  • developer

    @mightyCelu Unfortunately, I don’t have an idea… did you try to reboot your device? Maybe perform an OS update, if there is something available?

  • For some reason, the synchronization started working now, just an hour after my last post. I didn’t change anything, except trying several times to force synchronization from the settings. I’ll observe whether this is permanent or whether it stops working again, maybe I can figure out the system behind it.

  • developer

    Just found this line:

    Android version: 7.1.2 (lineage_thea-userdebug 7.1.2 NJH47F 79317328d4)

    Which LineageOS build is that? Is it official? Maybe there’s something broken in this build?

  • The build was an official update from ~last summer. I didn’t update for a while, but I will do so this evening and hope that everything keeps working and the issue really was caused by a bug in the current build.

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