OwnCloud Birthday calendar not showing up

  • I have configured calendar sync with my ownCloud installation using the URL $server/remote.php/caldav/calendars/$user/. During the initial setup I was shown two calendars, the main one and the birthday calendar. I selected both for sync and they both show up in the sync menu of the calendar app.

    However, only items from the main calendar are shown in the calendar app, birthdays do not show up.

  • developer

    Does it work with another client? Can you please provide logcat output and/or a test account to play@bitfire.at?

  • I am quite sure it worked on my other system (which is running Fedora 20). On this system (Fedora 19) it’s kind of broken… I see the birthday calendar items for about a second after enabling the calendar but then they are gone again. I will try again on Fedora 20 as soon as I get home.

  • developer

    Fedora? Did I miss something – this is the DAVdroid (Android app) issue tracker?

  • You asked for other clients 🙂 For a good reason as it seems, because at this point I am really not sure if the server is doing something really nasty here, too… I will try to find a client that “works” now. Depending on how I can narrow this down I will create a test account with testcases for you.

  • Good news: using 0.4.1 the birthdays now show up. I will set up contacts sync next to see if this is fixed, too. Thanks!

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