Deinstalling DAVx5 destroys calendar on server

  • If a calendar on the server was created by DAVx5, deinstalling DAVx5 seems to throw away the calendar on the server as well as on the Android device. Android does warn you that all the application’s data will be removed, but I wouldn’t expect the calendar on the server to be removed as well. Even if the calendar itself was created by DAVx5, the data in it may have been created by an application on the server. Fortunately I’m paranoid and exported a copy of my calendar first, but this could be a nasty trap for the unwary user. Of course people won’t normally be deinstalling it, but you need to if you want to switch between the release version and a debug version built from the sources.

    The workaround is to switch off the server (or the connection to it) before deinstalling DAVx5, or of course to export your calendar first.

    Seen with DAVx5 Version 2.1-ose built 1 Jan 2019

  • developer

    DAVx⁵ surely does not send a DELETE to the server unless you explicitly delete a calendar in the UI and confirm the deletion.

    Also, I have done this (removing an account/uninstall DAVx⁵) thousands of times and it does not delete a calendar on the server.

    Please provide verbose steps to reproduce.

  • I certainly have seen this happen. I’m not very willing to try and reproduce it because it’s very laborious to recreate the calendar because of the other problem I reported of not being able to import a large calendar all at once. Since my PC application (Evolution) has a similar problem (it times out), I have to break up my .ics file into many smaller pieces and import each piece if my calendar does get deleted from the server. Since my calendar changes quite a lot, I can’t use the old pieces.

  • developer

    I can only say again that DAVx⁵ does not delete collections from the server unless it’s explicitly requested by the user and confirmed in the UI. Also, we have never heard such a thing before, which is strange when you think how many people uninstall DAVx⁵.

    Will mark this is invalid until steps to reproduce or any other indications for this problem are given.

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