• Maybe this comes with Android DAVx5 updates, but when syncing I frequently (maybe monthly) get notifications that I need to review/approve my certs, even though my cert (Let’s Encrypt) hasn’t changed. This has become a bit of a nuisance for family members as I’ve instilled the fear of God in them to approve a pop-up that they don’t understand. What must I do so that the cert remains accepted unless I change it?

  • developer

    @Telos Let’s Encrypt certificates last only 90 days, so I’m quite sure they change from time to time.

    Why do you know they have not changed? How did you set up your Let’s Encrypt certificates? You then would have to

    I’m using DAVx5 with Let’s Encrypt certificates myself and there’s no need to approve time manually.

  • Thanks for your reply… My LE cert expires next month, and I have the cert defaults in place. Yesterday I was hit with a barrage of cert authorization requests… seemingly one per calendar. At that time I was using a wi-fi hotspot. I’m now wondering if the hotspot security somehow interfered with the sync process as it seemed I could never get the cert “accept” to take, as each resync attempt launched a bevy of cert notifications. After I returned home I cleared the notifications and completed syncing.

    OTOH, this was the first sync since upgrading to the recent Android app to the new name designation, if that had an effect.

  • developer

    @Telos So everything has worked as intended? (Assuming that the WiFi was a MITM, which is common for sign-in pages)

  • @rfc2822 Yes, if wifi MITM was the issue, everything works as expected. That could have been the issue, as I noticed that the wifi AP was not VPN friendly either. Thanks!

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