Revert manually removed davx5 account

  • I have the same problem and no possibility to downgrade the OS of my phone. Is there any possibility to get it running again?

  • developer

    @jochp So you can’t create a new DAVx⁵ account anymore? Are there any DAVx⁵ accounts or DAVx⁵ Adress book accounts in Android settings / Accounts?

    Can you please provide steps to reproduce the problem, so that I can have a look?

  • @rfc2822 Thanks for the fast answer! What’s up here: Gave the locked phone to my 1.5 year old son yesterday and about 30 seconds later (i really would like to know how) i got it back rebooting. After that some apps (e.g. contacts, calender, davx5) totally lost their preferences and data. I got everything up and running again except davx5.

    Current status ist:
    No calendars or addressbooks at all in Android.
    No accounts in davx5.
    After defining the account’s link and credentials (that works) I press “Konto anlegen” / “Create Account” and only the error message above “Konto konnte nicht angelegt werden” appears…

    Edit: to specify: Same behavior after re-installing, re-booting etc.

  • developer

    @jochp And uninstall DAVx⁵, then rebooting, then installing DAVx⁵ does not help?

  • @rfc2822 yes, does not help, no changes in behavior

  • developer

    @jochp Very strange. I can try it with Lineage in the next days. However, this seems to be a system problem, because if you uninstall an app, everything should be removed. So in thery, it shouldn’t even be possible that an account or whatever survives uninstalling and the re-installing an app…

  • ok, whole Nextcloud-App showing strange behavior as well. Stopping here the trouble shooting and setting up the whole phone from scratch…

  • and works after phone is resetted… sad, but necessary 😞

  • Sadly Lineage doesn’t have enough testing power to check all the Android stuff in detail. so sometimes these kind of bugs come to stables releases, too 😕

  • developer

    Couldn’t reproduce that. 😕

    @jochp @Ein-ehemaliger-Benutzer If you can provide steps to reproduce the problem, I can have a look. (But I think it’s not related to DAVx⁵)

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