Got Calender instead of Contacts. Synology

  • First: Excuses for my English, I do the best I can 🙂

    Tried to connect my Contact-Data from CardDAV on Synology.
    Entered URL in DAVdroid: https://[IP]:8443/adressbooks/users/[Username]. CardDAV connected succesfully, but ist showing me only CalDAV-Data (wich I need too, but that’s the next step 😉 ).
    I’m confused. How can I get my Contact-Data?

    When I insert the URL in the Browser, the response seems right (login and afterwords xml-file)

    thanks. Working on this for now 3 days…

  • developer


    Did you have a look at, including the video?

  • Thanks for your answer.
    Did everything like in the link. It’s just the URL in it, isn’t it?

    Don’t like watching videos as advice at all, they are to fast or to slow or text in it to small (can’t read what the mousearrow ist pointing at, have to guess), I prefer reading 🙂 ).
    Although tried it with the video…

    Couldn’t get, if I should activate the CalDAV in WebDAV-Server or not (I did not, seems to be working now). Can I sync to Thunderbird on Win without this activation?

    The video is for http - is it for https the same?
    Why do I need two accounts inDAV Droid? The CardDAV-Account now shows both: Card and Cal? Can I erase the first account?

    And how can I copy&paste a URL from my Desktop to my Cellphone? 😉

    I keep on testing, thanks a lot. Would be nice if there is a short written step-by-step-advice additional to the video, where I can use STRG+Scroll-Wheel to enlarge the text :-).


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