Adding waste calendar results in missing events

  • Hello everyone,

    after adding the following ICS-calendar all events except residual waste (“Restabfall 80-240l Tonne”) are added correctly. NextCloud is also synchronizing in a correct way, but after adding NextCloud-calendar to DAVdroid these events are also missing.

    I’m using this URL to synchronize events:

    My laptop using emClient is synchronizing all events correctly.

    Why there are some missing events? Is there a way to configure ICSdroid to sync these missing events?


    • Huawei Honor 9 (STF-L09)
    • Android 8.0.0 / Security-Patch 5. November 2018
    • Build: STF-L09

    Thanks in advance.


  • developer


    I have tried here and everything works as expected. The last “Restabfall 80-240l Tonne” event in the iCalendar is on 29 Aug 2018, which is display like this here: …

    Can you please provide exact steps to reproduce, including which certain event on which date is not synchronized on your device?

  • Hello,

    thanks for your fast response and check.

    In NextCloud and emClient there are events which are not available on my device.

    For example the event “Restabfall” on 19.12.2018 and all followed “Restabfall”-events (03.01.2019, 16.01.2019, …).

    I’ve added the ICS-sync via DAVdroid. By adding directly using ICSdroid the same problem occurs.

    Hope this helps … 🙂


  • developer

    The “Restabfall 80-240l Tonne” event on 19 Dec 2018 looks like this here (Android 9 emulator, synced by ICSdroid):


    Unfortunately, I am not able to reproduce the problem and don’t have an idea what’s the problem on your device …

  • You are right - never thought about this. In NoxPlayer and Android 5 all events are visible.
    Maybe it is a problem with Honor 9 and Android 8. 😞

    Thank you for checking …


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