Collections are not automatically subscribed/unsubscribed on server changes

  • Hi,

    this is my first post in this forum, so I’d like to begin with saying that I really like DAVdroid! I use this app in combination with Nextcloud and I’m mostly happy with it.
    There is only one minor issue which I wanted to raise here.
    If I add new calendars or addressbooks within the Nextcloud webfrontend, the app does not automatically detect those changes. I have to start the app, edit my account, click on “Refresh addressbook list” resp. “Refresh calendar list”, select the new calendar / address book and then start the sync.

    What’s worse, if I delete an address book / calendar on the server, this change is not automatically propagated to the app. Instead I get 404 errors from DAVdroid until I manually refresh the collections again.

    Would it be possible to automatically update the list of collections within the regular sync intervals and also explicity trigger a collection refresh when an account is opened within the app?
    Even better would be, if there was the possibility to auto-subscribe to new collections (maybe provide a configuration switch for that).

    One of the use cases where this would be a desirable behaviour is, when I share calendars with other Nextcloud users. I do this from time to time with other family members. Atm this is rather cumbersome, I have to tell them to manually refresh and manually subscribe. And later, once I delete the shared calendar, I have to tell them to manually unsubscribe again.

    Looking forward to hear your feedback on this!


  • I had the feeling in the past that similar problems happened to me.

    The Android calendar always showed “Calendar synced” however nothing really changed.

    After manually going to the App and refreshing, changes started appearing again.

    Maybe this is even a bug, but I have nothing that can be used to reproduce so far.

  • I have updated DAVx5 for my purposes to automatically subscribe to new collections.
    I could update that, to make this behaviour configurable and have a global config setting, where the user can specify if collections should be subscribed to automatically or not (with the default being no, to keep existing behaviour).

    If there is interest, I can prepare a MR for that.
    Let me know what you think.

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