• Hello,

    it seams that davdroid changes the “X-EVOLUTION-FILE-AS” element after creating a new account on android. The original format is:


    after the inital sync this is changed to:


    is ther probebly that ther is a parser problem (“” --> “\”)?

    I am usind davdroid 0.3.8-alpha from f-droid.

  • github changes 3 times \ to 2 times \ in the issue view. So 2 extra \ are added.

  • developer

    DAVdroid shouldn’t change this field. When writing VCFs (because the contact has been changed), DAVdroid only sets known fields so X-EVOLUTION-FILE-AS would be lost.

    Can you provide steps to reproduce for me? I use Evolution so this should be easy for me.

  • The server is ownCloud 5.0.12 from debian. the server is in sync with evolution via SyncEvolution 1.3.2. Afterwards I set up DAVdroid. The initial sync took some time. Next day or so I did a sync via SyncEvolution which showed that most of the cantacts got changed. This also changed the displayed names on Evolution.
    Afterwards I used the backup funktion of SyncEvolution to revert the changes localy and than updatet the the server via SyncEvolution. As result DAVdroid craches on sync.
    Today I updatet to DAVdroid 4.0.0 (f-droid) an it still craches on sync.

  • developer

    This is very strange. Unfortunately, I can’t debug this issue because I need a scheme how to reproduce the bug. Can you reproduce this with a clean account (without data) any provide me the login for this test account (play@bitfire.at)?

  • This is an OwnCloud bug. https://github.com/owncloud/contacts/issues/42

    [edited to add]

    … which seems to be fixed by https://github.com/owncloud/apps/commit/4f399363620ca0c42bc46571c1f702c997bf79ed (the relevant file is /usr/share/owncloud/apps/contacts/appinfo/bootstrap.php on Debian). I’ll open a corresponding Debian bug.

  • Thanks, this explains where the extra “” is created. So the remeaning questions are:
    Why dose DaveDroid chandg a contact (after initial sync) if it is not changed on android and
    why dose DaveDroid crache.

  • More precisely, https://github.com/owncloud/contacts/issues/42 discusses the equivalent bug for the FN field (which davdroid does sync).

    It seems that copying from Evolution into ownCloud will mangle “X-EVOLUTION-FILE-AS: Smith\, Fred” into “X-EVOLUTION-FILE-AS: Smith\, Fred” without davdroid needing to be involved. Perhaps updating a contact via davdroid caused Evolution to refresh its view of the other contacts, picking up the incorrect ownCloud version (which was already stored, but not yet visible in Evolution) in the process?

  • Can someone point me to a short howt compile DavDroid? I would like to get some more information about the crash.

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