Vibration on sync

  • Hello,

    davdroid vibrates on each sync interval. I also completly disable notifcations but it keeps happening.
    It hapens at each interval an multiple times if i hit the sync button manually.
    The sync seems to work fine.

    Im running on a nokia 6.1 Android 9.
    Version of davdroid: 2.0.5

  • Hi,

    if the notifications are turned on is there any error message? Thats the only thing I can imagine when the device vibrates is that it has a very short error message notification which disappears again after a very short time.

    Generally: DAVdroid itself doesn't notify the user if a sync is done, the syncs itself are handled by the Android base system (Android Sync Scheduler) which calls DAVdroid sync at the interval the user sets. So Maybe this is set to vibrate when any sync on the system is performed.