• Hello,

    davdroid vibrates on each sync interval. I also completly disable notifcations but it keeps happening.
    It hapens at each interval an multiple times if i hit the sync button manually.
    The sync seems to work fine.

    Im running on a nokia 6.1 Android 9.
    Version of davdroid: 2.0.5

  • admin


    if the notifications are turned on is there any error message? Thats the only thing I can imagine when the device vibrates is that it has a very short error message notification which disappears again after a very short time.

    Generally: DAVdroid itself doesn’t notify the user if a sync is done, the syncs itself are handled by the Android base system (Android Sync Scheduler) which calls DAVdroid sync at the interval the user sets. So Maybe this is set to vibrate when any sync on the system is performed.

  • I upgraded to 2.0.6-ose yesterday, and experience the same. On each sync the mobile does two short vibrate events. I have two DAV accounts configured, one with both contacts and calendar and the other one only with calendar. That results in 3 events with 2 short vibrations each. This is getting quite annoying.

    I don’t know exactly which version I had before, I believe it was 2.0.something, but based on the initial post, it might have been older than 2.0.5.

    There are no errors appearing, no debug window which can be opened (which I believe usually happens when there is an error). And I’ve completely disabled all notifications too.

  • developer

    @thepill @dazo Did you have a look at the debug logs or system logcat?


  • I’m experiencing the exact same behaviour as described by dazo and have contacted support to provide them with debug info and logs.

  • developer

    @thepill @der_Don Are you sure that this only happens when DAVdroid is synchronizing?

    1. What if you trigger DAVdroid sync over Android settings / Accounts / DAVdroid / Sync all?
    2. What if you trigger another sync (like Firefox) over Android settings / Accounts / DAVdroid / Sync all?

    @dazo It also seems that only Nokia devices are affected… What device do you have? Maybe Nokia has introduced “vibration on sync”?

  • @thepill exact same thing happening to my phones (Samsung S9+ running LineageOS 15.1, and Samsung Note 9 running stock).

    I turned off notifications, but it still happens. From NetGuard connection logs, it occurs when DavDroid syncs. I also use Nextcloud and Nextcloud SMS on the same sync intervals. I uninstalled applications one at a time to narrow it down and it is certainly DavDroid.

  • @rfc2822

    1. It also happens when I sync over Android settings
    2. It also happens when I sync over calendar app (aCalendar+)

    By the way I’m using a Nokia 5, but as @05nelsonm has the same issue with Samsung devices I think we can rule out Nokia as root cause.

  • developer

    I see… Well if you have any idea what the reason could be or how I could reproduce this, please let us know…

  • I just started a sync in DAVdroid after unchecking contacts and both calendars. Then I checked them again and started another sync and now the vibration does no longer occur. Even after restarting the phone.

  • Link below is to my log that I took using MatLog Libre during a manual sync. I scrubbed it of PII.


    Will try @der_Don 's suggestion and report back.

  • Can confirm that @der_Don 's workaround fixed this issue.

    Unchecked all contacts and calendars, synced, re-selected everything, re-synced. No vibrations.

    Hope my logs help pinpoint the issue to push an update, as I’m sure other users are experiencing problems and not reporting it.

  • developer

    12-20 07:47:08.594 I/NotificationService( 4322): Cannot find enqueued record for key: 0|org.dmfs.tasks|-10|null|10098
    12-20 07:47:08.626 E/NotificationService( 4322): Muting recently noisy 0|org.dmfs.tasks|-10|null|10098

    Do you all use OpenTasks? Maybe it’s related to task sync?

  • @rfc2822

    Do you all use OpenTasks? Maybe it’s related to task sync?

    Yes, and I remember when DavDroid was updated it prompted me to give OpenTasks permissions to tasks.

  • @rfc2822 I use Open Tasks too.

  • The Vibration is occurring again. I switched the phone on this morning and checked a Task as done. Shortly thereafter a sync took place and the phone vibrated. After syncing with all calendars/contacts unchecked and re-syncing with everything checked, it was gone again.

  • developer

    @der_Don Do you think there are steps to reproduce so that I can reliably reproduce the problem?

  • @rfc2822 I’ve tried several things but was not able to reproduce it.

  • Getting the same issue as @der_Don when completing tasks. Ghost notifications are back.

    @rfc2822 have you tried installing the previous version of DavDroid and OpenTasks, creating calendars and tasks, then updating DavDroid and OpenTasks to newest versions?

    EDIT: making sure to install latest DavDroid update and sync before updating OpenTasks.

    My install history from F-Droid says that DavDroid was updated, and then a couple days later (I believe because of other apps I installed in between, no timestamps), OpenTasks was updated. I run the privileged extension, so.

    This could ultimately be an issue with OpenTasks and not DavDroid.

  • developer

    @05nelsonm said in Vibration on sync:

    @rfc2822 have you tried installing the previous version of DavDroid and OpenTasks, creating calendars and tasks, then updating DavDroid and OpenTasks to newest versions?

    Not yet… I’d prefer to get steps to reproduce before, because I don’t have much time right now and we didn’t receive many reports until now (and it doesn’t happen on my device).

    Which exact OpenTasks version do you have? Play Store or F-Droid?

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