download online-GMX-calendar to my smartphone

  • Hello,

    __short question:
    how can I download the calendar-data from my GMX-online-calendar to my smartphone??

    __the background of my question:
    for month DAVdroid synchronized my calendar-dates with GMX with no problems.
    Yesterday DAVdroid gave me an error-message like “server is not available”.
    I tried to open the gmx-calendar manually in my laptop-firefox-browser. but i got an message like “ups, something went wrong”
    OK - there seems to be an problem with the GMX server.

    But now my smartphone-calendar is empty !!!
    But the online GMX-calendar is all right.

    I want to download the calendar-data to my smartphone. But what exactly does “synchronize” mean?
    who is the boss? my smartphone or the online-gmx-calendar?

    i am afraid to lose my calendar-data !!!

    thanks for any hint !!!

    liebe grüsse

  • SOLVED!!!

    I learned how to back up the GMX-calendar in an ics-file.
    and the i dared to click “kalender neu erkennen” (“re-recognize calender”?)
    now everything is fine

    it would be great, if the manual would be easier for non-technicians like me.


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