Different ORGANIZER for different calender on same account?

  • Is there a possibility to define different ORGANIZER’s for different calenders on the same account or would you consider implementing such a feature?

    Since Nextcloud supports invitations I use this feature more and more often. The pity is, that DAVDroid always uses the email address that I configured for the entire account and not different addresses for each calender (as Thunderbird/Lightning does). Since I have a few different calenders (personal, work, and and NGO where I am board member) I would like to use a different email addresses for each of them, since I have different mailboxes for each of those contexts.

    Best wishes,

  • developer


    The ORGANIZER is managed by Android (which uses the account name when no organizer has been set) and/or the calendar app. DAVdroid only takes the values which it receives from the calendar provider, see the image at https://www.davdroid.com/faq/system-integration/

    You could create multiple accounts with various account names (= ORGANIZERS) and then use the calendars accordingly.

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