DAVdroid doesn't keep sync interval settings

  • Hey guys,
    I’ve been using DAVdroid to sync Contacts and my Calenders with nextcloud client. The sync works fine.
    The problem is that it doesn’t do it automatically. In settings i choose to sync once a day and immediately when local changes occur. Then the sync starts. But when i go back to the settings it’s back to “only manualy” again.
    Any ideas why it wouldn’t keep my settings?
    Greetings from Munich

  • developer


    Sounds like some battery saving “feature”. Did you check https://www.davdroid.com/faq/synchronization-is-not-run-as-expected/?

  • Hey rfc2822,

    thanks for the help. I found the solution it seems. It wasn’t part of the website you linked to though.
    I checked the things the website proposed and i checked for battery saving and that stuff.
    But what actually did the trick was to go into the account-settings on android and enable the DAVdroid sync there. That was somehow disabled.
    So thanks for the advice to check the settings of the OS!
    Keep up the good work!!

  • Hey rfc2822,

    actually it keeps turning off the synchronisation in the settings after some time.
    I will try to figure out at what moment the setting changes. I turned off the energy savings mode already with no success.
    Any ideas on what could change the settings besides energy management?

  • developer

    @randomusername Unfortunately, I don’t have an idea… if you find anything relevant, please let us know.

  • I have the same problem. This used to work fine at some point. I have a Nokia 7.1 with 8.1 Oreo. When I configure DAVdroid and then leave my phone alone for just a few minutes, synchronisation is disabled (both in the Android setttings and in DAVdroid). It seems that this problem is not exclusive to DAVdroid.

    I think I may have found the solution while typing this message: There is a background activity manager in Android, you need to explicitly allow background activity for DAVdroid there (Settings->Battery->Background activity manager - sorry if the names are not correct, this is a reverse translation from my German Android UI to English).

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