• Hello,
    I use davdroid to synchronize my contacts. I have some addressbooks and two are very large. I’ve noticed that not every contact is synchronized from the server and if I save a new one, the new contacts would not be synced. I synchronise my contacts between my android smartphone based on lineage os and my own nextcloud server based on version 14.0.

    Here my log files 0_1540309045712_davdroid-13258-20181023-170453.txt

    I don’t know if it contains a failed contact sync. Please help to reolve this problem.


  • developer


    Can you please provide the DAVdroid debug info, which contains for instance the DAVdroid version?

  • Ohh yes, here my debug informations 0_1540311218250_debug.txt

  • developer


    2018-10-23 17:05:04 3223 [HttpClient] --> REPORT https://nextcloud.cryptic.systems/remote.php/dav/addressbooks/users/markus.pesch/Agfa%20Healthcare/
    2018-10-23 17:05:04 3223 [HttpClient] Content-Type: application/xml; charset=utf-8
    2018-10-23 17:05:04 3223 [HttpClient] Content-Length: 151
    2018-10-23 17:05:04 3223 [HttpClient] Depth: 0
    2018-10-23 17:05:04 3223 [HttpClient] 
    2018-10-23 17:05:04 3223 [HttpClient] <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' ?><sync-collection xmlns="DAV:"><sync-token /><sync-level>1</sync-level><prop><getetag /></prop></sync-collection>
    2018-10-23 17:05:04 3223 [HttpClient] --> END REPORT (151-byte body)
    2018-10-23 17:05:04 3223 [BasicDigestAuthHandler] Adding Basic authorization header for https://nextcloud.cryptic.systems/remote.php/dav/addressbooks/users/markus.pesch/Agfa%20Healthcare/
    2018-10-23 17:05:04 3223 [okhttp3.internal.http2.Http2Writer] >> 0x00000005   284 HEADERS       END_HEADERS
    2018-10-23 17:05:04 3223 [okhttp3.internal.http2.Http2Writer] >> 0x00000005   151 DATA          END_STREAM
    2018-10-23 17:05:05 3223 [HttpClient] <-- HTTP FAILED: java.io.InterruptedIOException
    2018-10-23 17:05:05 3223 [syncadapter.ContactsSyncAdapterService] Couldn't sync contacts
    EXCEPTION java.io.InterruptedIOException
    	at okhttp3.internal.http2.Http2Stream.waitForIo(Http2Stream.java:602)
    	at okhttp3.internal.http2.Http2Stream.takeResponseHeaders(Http2Stream.java:143)

    It seems that DAVdroid (thread 3223) sends the “list all changes” request to the server at 17:05:04, and at 17:05:05 the thread is interrupted while DAVdroid waits for the response, so that an java.io.InterruptedIOException occurs and the synchronization is aborted.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have an idea what could cancel the synchronization thread in your case. Did you manually cancel the synchronization by accident? Is there any third-party app installed which might cancel synchronization (battery savers etc)?

    Do you know how to use adb? You could do adb logcat and look for entries which indicate why the thread is being interrupted (maybe by the system?).

  • Okay, I’ve activated my developer options and piped my logs into a file after a reboot. I tried to synchronize my contacts again. Here my logs: 0_1540312236152_logcat.txt

  • developer

    Unfortunately, I don’t see any reason for the interruption in the logs.

    Can you provide a test account (will be kept confidential of course) so that I can try myself?

    Maybe this is related to your Lineage build? Do you have other devices with other firmwares to test?

  • Hello,
    sorry I have only my own device with lineage os. But I can create a test account on my cloud if you want to test the instance.

  • developer

    @volker-raschek I’d just have to reproduce the problem so that I can have a look…

  • @rfc2822 Okay, how can I send you a pm with the login credentials?

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