[iCloud] calendar-color dropped for task lists created with MKCOL/MKCALENDAR

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    For reference and transparency: We have created this report on Apple Bug Reporter on 23 Feb 2016 here: https://bugreport.apple.com/web/?problemID=24791895

    When creating a task list with MKCOL/MKCALENDAR, the calendar-color is ignored.

    Steps to Reproduce:

    1. Create a task list (supported-calendar-component-set only VTODO) with MKCALENDAR or Extended MKCOL. Send along a calendar-color.
    2. The calendar-color is ignored.

    Expected Results:
    The task list should have the color from the MKCALENDAR request.

    Actual Results:
    The color from the MKCALENDAR request is ignored and the task list is assigned a random color.

    Current iCloud (23 Feb 2016)

    This DOES work for calendars with supported-calendar-component-set set to VEVENT only. It doesn’t work for task lists only.

    direct MKCALENDAR/MKCOL requests (curl/command line)

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