• Hi!
    With NextCloud 14 supporting accepting the meeting invitations via web interface, this important functionality is finally here.
    I have an issue with synchronized meetings on Android as participants who accept an invitation show up double - once as still pending and once as confirmed.
    I could probably provide more information however I’m hoping you could try this simple scenario and confirm whether the issue is with synchronization. I tried two different calendar apps and they both show exactly the same results in terms of participants so I reckon it’s the data issue.
    Thanks for the great synchronizer, btw!

  • developer


    Thanks for your report! Can you please provide exact steps to reproduce the problem, as described in [READ BEFORE POSTING] What’s required to diagnose a problem?

  • Hi, thanks for the quick response. These would be the simple steps to reproduce:

    • create a meeting in Next Cloud Calendar;
    • invite Attendee by entering email address;
    • log in to invited email account and click Accept in the invitation email, wait to get the confirmation page;
    • (do the above with any number of participants)
    • as the organizer, synchronize the calendar to an Android device using DAVdroid,

    expected results:

    • one invited user shows as confirmed

    actual results:

    • the invited user is listed twice in the list of Attendees, once as pending/invited and the second time as confirmed

    Hope this helps.

  • Here is the link to the feature, delivered in NextCloud 14:

  • So, obviously the server is NextCloud 14, and the sync is the latest version of DAVdroid available in Play Store.
    I’ve used aCalendar+ and Business Calendar2 calendar apps on Android.

  • developer

    @cick0 Thanks for the instructions. When doing so, the event from Nextcloud 14.0.1 contains:

    SUMMARY:Test Event

    As you can see, it lists the same attendee (invited@example.com) twice (one time with status “needs action”, and one time with status “accepted”), and this is what DAVdroid synchronizes.

    I don’t think DAVdroid should eliminate duplicates sent by the server… guess this is rather a server thing? At least in RFC 6638 there are no duplicate ATTENDEEs.

    Can you please report this to Nextcloud and provide this thread as reference?

  • @rfc2822 Thanks a lot for the time and investigation. I’ll submit an issue in NextCloud’s repo and refer to this discussion. Cheers!

  • The issue has been fixed in Calendar v1.6.3

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