Calendar Specific Sync Intervals

  • It would be good to be able to set some calendars with a different sync time than the default.

    All calendars are not necessarily equal!!

  • admin

    We wanted to keep it simple. But you can always create a second account and select only the calendar you want with a different sync interval (as a workaround)!

  • @devvv4ever ok confused. How do I set up an account let alone a second one. I know I have accounts in DavDroid which I am using but not even seen this in ICSDroid.

    Also I just spotted a problem with local ICS files. You cannot change the colour of a file/// calendar but you can for a web hosted one!!

  • admin

    Ah, sorry I thought I was in the DAVdroid forum… With ICSdroid you can always set the minimum interval that you need for one calendar, the others only get updated when there are changes on the server so there is no unneeded traffic. See here because we’re often asked about it:

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