Caldav works Cardav doesn't work with Sony Android phone

  • Hi DAVdroid-Team
    I just installed DAVdroid on my sony xc with android 8.0
    I entered my base URL and login credentials
    Then I selected the account in DAVdroid.
    Granted contact, event and task access permissions.
    Then I select the calendars I want to have synchronized so that they are shown with checkmark (☑). And all my calendars do synchronize!
    And I tried to do the same with the address books, but DAVdroid can’t find my address book.
    Do you have any suggestions, what I can do?
    Sorry, for my poor english - hope, it is good enough, that you can understand what my problem is about.
    Thanksand best wishes from Cologne

  • developer


    Which server do you use?

  • Hi ric2822
    I use

  • Hello again,
    I ereased the account, did the whole process again, now it works…

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