where is extrenal log file stored and how is it called?

  • I use DAVdroid v2.0.4-ose (245) on Android 7.0

    I sync some calendars and some addressbooks with ownCloud on my NAS for two years now. For some days there are errors for one of the addressbook shown (not on the phone, but via KDE-Connect on my PC). So I wanted to log and activated log to external file but don’t no what the log is called or where it is stored.

    In the DAVdroid FAQs it says the log is stored on SD card and DAVdroid will display the directory name but I have no SD card in my phone and there is nothing displayed after activating the log-option.

    Please help me.

  • admin

    Hello, when you activate logging there should be a notification that tells you the path where the log is stored. Every Android phone must at least have an “USB storage” so that is the place to look for. In my case this is:


  • Ah! I just discovered the path: it’s displayed in the notifications, not in DAVdroid. It’s the same path on my phone.


    But what’s the log? I have 1156 files in this directory. There are several *.txt and *.txt.Ick and some with number-endings. Nearly 30 are created/edited today.

  • developer

    @anna As said in the notification and in the manual, logging should be only enabled for the time you need it. Every time a DAVdroid process is created, it creates a new log file, so for every sync, a log file is created.

  • OK, so every *.txt is a log file and can be deleted.

    What about the *.txt.lck files?

    Can every file in /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/at.bitfire.davdroid/files be deleted?

  • developer

    @anna All files, including the lock files, can be deleted safely. You even should delete them after downloading them because they contain sensitive data and can be read by all apps.

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