• Dear all,

    I just recognized that my contacts and calendars aren’t synchronize since January this year.

    • I didn’t get any errors.
    • When I start the synchronization manually I get the message “Synchronizing now” but from the server logs I see that there was no connection (not even a failed one) and of course no data is synchronized.
    • I have checked the logs from DAVdroid but couldn’t see any error.
    • To set up the account again, doesn’t help.
    • When I click “Refresh address book list” the connection to the server is established as expected (without authentication error).

    I’m using the following software:

    • Nextcloud @ 13.0.6
    • DAVdroid @ 2.0.4-ose (from F-Droid)
    • Lineage-OS @ 14.1 (on Samsung S4 mini)

    Do you have any ideas what might be the problems?
    Or do you need further information?

    I highly appreciate any help.


  • developer


    1. Did you disable Privacy Guard for DAVdroid?
    2. Is there an “auto-start”, “run in background” etc. permission in Android settings / Apps / DAVdroid / Permissions?

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