Tine 2.0 - Shared addressbook not discovered

  • Hi!

    For some weeks DavDroid is unable to detect shared address books in Tine 2.0. If it is already detected/synced (old install with updated DavDroid) it just works.


    • personal address books (default and created)
    • personal calendars (default and created)
    • ! shared calendars !

    Does not work:

    • shared address books

    Other sync software such as CardDAV-Sync (Android app) or vdirsyncer (Python script) just detect the shared address books.

    Deleting the account(s) and/or DavDroid app (incl. reboot after deinstall) does NOT solve the problem. Tested on three different devices (Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 with Samsung-Android /Moto G with Lineage OS-Port / Samsung Galaxy Tab 2).

    Debug log does not include a hint to these shared address books.

    "https://TINE20-BASEURL/addressbooks/shared/" shows me the shared address books.

    If some curl output may help to find and fix this issue just give me the command line 😉

    Bye & THX


  • developer


    Did you try with DAVdroid 2.0.4? There have been changes in resource detection. Otherwise, it would be nice if you could send a test account to play@bitfire.at, so that I can have a look without preparing a Tine server first.

  • Hi!

    All devices have DAVDroid 2.0.4-ose. At least the Samsung A5 was updated from 2.0.x as one try in my tests.

    I'll send you test account data as soon as possible.