The Right XP-Pen graphic tablet for Gimp/windows 10

  • Hello guys.

    I’m planning to buy a XP-Pen tablet to use in Gimp/windows 10 . It’s my first experience.I can’t afford for the pricier Artist display tablets.

    I don’t want to invest in a beginner tablet and change it after 8 or 10 month of use due to some limitations, but also i don’t want to buy a pro-level one and never use 50% of her funtionnality. What i really need is a well made tablet that will fit the standard photographers needs in photoshop.

    I’m thinking know about 2 tablets :

    Both of the drawing tablet have 5080 LPI, 266 RPS, 8192 Levels.

    If the better choice for a photographer is the DECO 03 , what are reasons.

    If you have any other recommendations, plaise tell it to me.

    Thank you

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