Support mDNS for address resolution

  • It would be nice if Davdroid supported multicast DNS for address resolution.

    I am running Radicale (CalDAV & CardDAV server) on my Linux laptop and sync my mobile with it. IP addresses are assigned as usual by DHCP. Problem is that I want to sync in various networks (at home, at work, ...), and the IP address the laptop gets from the DHCP server varies.

    I am currently have to configure the IP address of the laptop in dotted notation (192.168.x.y) for each LAN I want to sync in. Not very convenient:

    • The DHCP server occasionally changes the address assigned to the laptop.
    • Davdroid sees multiple accounts and hence multiple calenders.

    On the laptop runs a Avahi, an mDNS server, advertising an xxx.local hostname. Couldn't Davdoid support these addresses in addition to normal DNS lookup?

    It doesn't have to be a complete zeroconfig as in Managed Davdroid.

  • developer

    So the networks don't support dynamic DNS updates (like RFC 2136)? Because if they do, it should be possible to resolve the laptop host name by normal DNS...