Status: tentative vs. availability: busy

  • Similar to this issue, but the calendar app is Calendar on a Samsung Galaxy Edge 6.

    I do not think it is a Calendar issue, as I can not reproduce in CalDav Sync.

    In Calendar and in Thunderbird (Lightning), default status for new events is set to “Busy”, however, when I create an event in Android Calendar it displays in the Calendar App and widget as “Busy”, but when synced across to Thundrbird it shows as “Tentative”

    DAVDroid version is 2.0.2-gplay (243)

    Log file attached0_1535499042403_davdroid-log.txt which clearly show status being incorrectly set:

  • developer

    @jwr said in Default status is "Tentative" for all synced events:

    According to the logs, the entry taken from the Android calendar provider is:

    PARAMETER #0 = availability=0 dtstart=1535511600000 lastSynced=0 accessLevel=0 eventTimezone=Pacific/Auckland allDay=0 dtend=1535515200000 eventStatus=0 hasAttendeeData=1 _id=18220 guestsCanModify=0 dirty=1 guestsCanInviteOthers=1 lastDate=1535515200000 cal_sync1={"type":"SYNC_TOKEN","value":"data:,934886"} guestsCanSeeGuests=1 selfAttendeeStatus=0 hasExtendedProperties=0 title=Test 2 description= calendar_id=70 deleted=0 eventLocation= hasAlarm=1 isOrganizer=1

    eventStatus is 0, which means “tentative”, and this is exactly what DAVdroid sets in the VEVENT: STATUS:TENTATIVE.

    Maybe you have mixed up “event status” (whether an event will be hold) and “availability” (whether your time is consumed by the event; “show as busy” = you’re busy because of this event = your time is consumed by the event)? In your event, availability is set to 0, which means “busy”:

    [AVAILABILITY_BUSY] Indicates that this event takes up time and will conflict with other events.

    In terms of iCalendar, this means the event’s time transparency is opaque: TRANSP:OPAQUE. OPAQUE is the default value for TRANSP, so DAVdroid just omits the TRANSP property.

    I don’t see any error here. Can you please further explain the actual problem?

  • admin

    I’m using aCalendar+ 1.17.5 with DAVdroid 2.0.3 and new events are not tentative, but confirmed.

    Did you try another calendar app, like aCalendar+, Business Calendar Pro or Etar?

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