I'm unsure how to set up DAVdroid with Radicale

  • Hello. I have been trying to sync my smartphone calendar with my desktop calendar. My desktop computer is Debian Linux 9 (aka Stretch). My phone runs on LineageOS 13 (basically Android 6.0.1).

    I installed Radicale on my desktop from the Debian stable repositories, and I did get it to work, in that port 5232, as displayed by the following website address, declares “Radicale works!” (http://localhost:5232/). Beyond that I have had no luck with it.

    On my smartphone, I installed DAVdroid. It requested a username (email), password (email address), and URL. I successfully entered the username and password, but failed to satisfy its requirement for a URL. I tried “http://localhost:5232”, but that failed. At the time I had the phone connected to my desktop via a USB cable, and Radicale was running.

    On the phone, I had just the default calendar, which had no CalDAV setup. So, I installed a second calendar which did have a CalDAV setup. Via this, I was able to sync from the initial calendar to the newly installed CalDAV capable one.

    I’m not sure how to proceed from here. Any help that can be offered will be appreciated.

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  • @rfc2822 Hi. Thanks for your response. Yes, I have seen those first two links, but that’s the first time I’ve seen the tutorial at the Debian wiki. I messed around with that for a while, and got nowhere. But it was useful in that it did clarify for me that the issue is the set up of Radicale on the desktop, and not the setup of DAVdroid on the phone.

    My Radicale installation was from a Debian package (since I use Debian). I had been doing general searches to help me get this Radicale installation working. But, this hasn’t helped, so I decided to simply search the Radicale site itself for clues.

    In doing this, I found two links that might be helpful to me: 1.) https://radicale.org/tutorial/ and 2.) https://radicale.org/setup/

    So, I got rid of my Debian package of Radicale, and instead installed it according to their instructions. That seems to be working better (though it’s just a tester on the computer). I’m going to try the second site (the set up site) and see if I have any luck networking it out to my phone.

  • Well, this didn’t work. I followed all the steps on the setup site of radicale.org for a local install, and got the following in the last few commands they cited:

    mark@debian:~$ systemctl --user enable radicale
    mark@debian:~$ systemctl --user start radicale
    mark@debian:~$ systemctl --user status radicale
    ● radicale.service - A simple CalDAV (calendar) and CardDAV (contact) server
       Loaded: loaded (/home/mark/.config/systemd/user/radicale.service; enabled; ve
       Active: failed (Result: exit-code) since Thu 2018-08-23 17:20:01 EDT; 13s ago
      Process: 15801 ExecStart=/usr/bin/env python3 -m radicale (code=exited, status
     Main PID: 15801 (code=exited, status=1/FAILURE)
    Aug 23 17:20:00 debian systemd[2132]: radicale.service: Main process exited, cod
    Aug 23 17:20:00 debian systemd[2132]: radicale.service: Unit entered failed stat
    Aug 23 17:20:00 debian systemd[2132]: radicale.service: Failed with result 'exit
    Aug 23 17:20:01 debian systemd[2132]: radicale.service: Service hold-off time ov
    Aug 23 17:20:01 debian systemd[2132]: Stopped A simple CalDAV (calendar) and Car
    Aug 23 17:20:01 debian systemd[2132]: radicale.service: Start request repeated t
    Aug 23 17:20:01 debian systemd[2132]: Failed to start A simple CalDAV (calendar)
    Aug 23 17:20:01 debian systemd[2132]: radicale.service: Unit entered failed stat
    Aug 23 17:20:01 debian systemd[2132]: radicale.service: 

    The install site (Tutorial) seemed to go well, and provided a web interface to create links to created caldav calendar files. It did provide these links, and thus supposedly created these caldav calendar files, but that didn’t work with DAVdroid (the URL was rejected). Neither Evolution nor Lightning (Thunderbird) seemed to know what to do with it when I tried to open it with them (Evolution acknowledged it as a calendar file, but assumed it had to be associated with and served by Yahoo, due to my email address (IE, it was not acknowledging the local Radicale server.)

    Earlier I had went through a3nm’s blog and his/her update, and it’s confusing as ever (however, kudos to him/her for succeeding, and for at least attempting to explain how he/she did so).

    Anyway, for something that supposedly “works out of the box”, well, my experience suggests otherwise. I think I may give up on Radicale and try something else.

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    If radicale does not work for your we can recommend a Nextcloud or also maybe Baikal, which is a smaller light-weight CalDAV/CardDAV server (no web interface to manage contacts and calendars).

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    @klimbo13 said in I'm unsure how to set up DAVdroid with Radicale:

    I want to know if this project could be ‘officialy’ supported by Radicale, as it looks to me a good alternative to other Android software. Thanks for your job on Radicale.

    Happy that it works for you 🙂 We’re linked on https://radicale.org/clients/

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