Reminders not synced

  • I'm using davdroid 0.3.8 to sync my Android 4.3 Calendar with OwnCloud 5.0.13
    It works pretty well to sync calendar events, but the reminders are not this a know issue with OwnCloud? If not how can I help debugging the issue?


    P.S: although OwnCloud doesn't support reminder handling, the reminders are stored in the calendar: I'm able to edit them via Evolution or Thunderbird

  • developer

    At the moment, reminders are not synced. This is not an issue but has not (yet) implemented.

  • developer

    Implemented in 0.4.3, please test.

  • I confirm that reminders are now synced.
    I've done some tests also using recurrent event and infinite event ad it works fine.

    Thank you 🙂


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