• If you’re using Yandex with a custom domain, choose “Login with Base URL”:
    Base URL: https://yandex.ru
    User name: your Yandex email address (user@customdomain.ru)
    Password: your Yandex password

    First thing, there is no such thing as “login with base URL” anymore.
    Second thing, I’ve been lazy for months to report this but finally registered on the forums just for that:

    https://yandex.ru does not appear as a valid URL for DAV. I have been using (on a few devices) the following: https://carddav.yandex.ru

    Moreover, that particular URL is for both yandex.com and yandex.ru domains (i.e. carddav.yandex.com does not appear to work).

  • developer


    https://yandex.ru works as expected here:


    This is because they have SRV records for CalDAV and CardDAV:

    ~> host -t SRV _caldavs._tcp.yandex.ru
    _caldavs._tcp.yandex.ru has SRV record 0 1 443 caldav.yandex.ru.
    ~> host -t SRV _carddavs._tcp.yandex.ru
    _carddavs._tcp.yandex.ru has SRV record 0 1 443 carddav.yandex.ru.

    If this does not work, maybe there’s something wrong with your DNS resolver.

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