DAVdroid 2.0 Release Notes

  • admin

    • rewritten dav4android library to use XML streaming instead of bad-scaling lists
    • new sync logic using the new dav4android library and parallel processing, which
      greatly increases performance
    • new About activity
    • show collection URL in "Properties"
    • show a little information if there the user did not select even one resource to sync
    • various other bug fixes and improvements


  • developer

    Version 2.0.1

    • collection properties: replace "Copy URL" button by selectable TextView
    • show GPL text properly (DAVdroid OSE)
    • new translations (thanks to all translators!)
    • account creation: really cancel resource detection when dialog is cancelled
    • account creation: use AsyncTask and progress indicator

  • developer

    Version 2.0.2

    • Fix rare crash on initial resource detection
    • DAVdroid Address Book account sync: only synchronize the address books of the current account when a sync is triggered

  • developer

    Version 2.0.3

    • service detection: ignore HTTP 4xx errors when looking for homesets (fixes problems with SOGo and others)
    • evaluate DAV:unbind privilege to determine whether collection deletion is offered to users
    • debug info: make text selectable

  • developer

    Version 2.0.4

    • resource detection: separate CalDAV/CardDAV detection
    • resource detection: better handling of SocketTimeoutException

  • developer

    Version 2.0.5

    • explicitly marked as compatible with Android 9
    • minor bug fixes/improvements